Let Greg Kuhn, the Law of Attraction Science Guy, Teach You How to Hack Material Reality

Quantum Paradigms Are Your Key to Manifesting

Paradigms are the reasons we do things the way we do them. Or, in our case, they are the reasons we manifest things the way we manifest them. In 2006, Greg Kuhn was desperate to save his family (and himself) from certain personal and financial catastrophe. With nothing left to lose and nowhere else to turn, he retro-fitted his entire way of life to adhere to new paradigms from Quantum Physics. To his amazement, it worked better and faster than he could’ve dreamed. Today, Greg continues to experiment with molding his manifesting lifestyle to better take advantage of these new paradigms. In this episode, he will walk you through the fascinating history behind Quantum Paradigms and why they are revolutionary tools for intentional manifestors.