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April 4, 2022

How Do You Know If You're Doing Enough?

How Do You Know If You're Doing Enough?

Manifesting the big stuff is not for the timid. That's because the journey is fraught with curveballs and other unexpected challenges. It's important to have a manifesting North Star you can rely on - and form is just that. Let Greg Kuhn teach you how to develop form for your manifesting and why it's so vital for you to focus on following it.


Welcome to Manifest the Big Stuff. I'm your host, Greg Kuhn, author of the life changing “Why Quantum Physicist” book series. Manifest the Big Stuff is a weekly check in and tune up for intentional manifestors of their material reality. 


Together, we learn to better use new paradigms from quantum physics that enable us to take advantage of how our universe really works. And together we find that we are able to manifest the big stuff. Thank you for joining me today. Let's get started. 




Thanks for joining me today. As we continue season two of Manifest the Big Stuff. Today I want to talk about why it's so important for an intentional manifestor to follow form. 


Last week I discussed what you are responsible for manifesting. Which is, your own unique version of every person, place, thing and idea in material reality. Especially important is that you are responsible for manifesting your own unique version of yourself. 


Today, let's discuss one of the most important things for a more intentional manifestor of their material reality, and that is following form. How does a manifestor follow form? 


Form is what you do to manifest your material reality, how you manifest your reality, and how you support what you're doing to manifest it. Form comes from the best practices and success habits of those who are manifesting what you desire at the level you desire to experience it. 


When you decide to manifest a desire to change your material reality so that it's more in line with your true desires for it, you need to learn all about the proper form that takes. Learn about form from other people who've been there and done that. 


Whether you are able to be coached one on one by someone or you learn from them via books, websites and podcasts, just make sure that they are trustworthy and that they know what they're talking about. 




Learn exactly what actions they take to manifest what it is that you desire to manifest. Learn what their success habits are, how they allocate their time and energy to create the best potential to manifest what you desire. And learn how they support their actions and success habits with their lifestyle habits. 


What ways do they use diet, sleep, professional development, self evaluation, health, spiritual energy, collaboration, etc. to support their excellent manifesting? Their actions, habits, and supports constitute the form they follow. 


Once you've gathered that information, you too can follow that form by adhering to what you've learned. Having a form you follow to manifest important parts of your material reality differently is vital. Because you are going to run into rough terrain. 


You will encounter stormy weather, you will have setbacks and the ball will not always bounce the way you hope it will. Those types of challenges, many of them outside of your control, will affect how you're able to manifest your important desires. 


They will impact the results of your manifesting efforts. Of course, the results of your efforts are a big deal to you. You're not trying to manifest your material reality differently because you're bored. 


You want the results you desire. Sometimes you need to manifest the results you desire so when the results don't match up to your hopes or your expectations, you need something to keep you going through the disappointments. 




And something more aligned with quantum paradigms than simply manufacturing better feelings through positive affirmations and positive thinking. Form gives you that. 


Although you will pay attention to your results of your manifesting efforts and you will care a lot about those results, you truly do not need to measure your success on those results. 


In fact, using results to evaluate whether or not you're successful is a Newtonian tool. Using form to evaluate whether or not you're successful, however, is a quantum tool. When you spend your manifesting time giving your best effort to follow form, you're successful because that's all you're responsible for doing. 


Through it all the ups and the downs of your material reality, you can bravely stay the course by remaining focused on form. And you can know that you're doing all you can to manifest what you desire when you do that. 


When important parts of your material reality become painful, when you want to manifest important parts of your material reality differently, use my quantum tool called Find Your Coach to create or refine your form for doing that. Let someone you trust and who also knows what they're talking about teach you the 

form they follow to manifest a reality much more aligned with your desires. 




And then adjust your hypotheses for best manifesting what you desire by making their form your form. How they spend their time, what their priorities are, what actions they take, who they learn from, what habits they have, and how they support their success mentally, physically and spiritually. 


Keep your focus squarely on following that form and meet up with your coach optimally once a month to discuss how things are going for you and to revise how you're manifesting your desires. 


Understand that following form, whether you're just getting started or getting back to it or introducing new elements to your form, all three are usually going to slow you down. 


Doing it right takes commitment to being in the moment, to stretching your wings and learning from the results, instead of being focused on the results themselves. 


Focusing on the results of your efforts is about performance. Focusing on following form is about effort. Of course you are performing. People are paying attention and evaluating you on the results you're getting, even judging you. 


Having important people expect a lot of you is a gift, embrace it. Consider yourself fortunate if you have people like that in your life. In fact, if you don't, do your best to find a teacher, someone willing to invest themselves in helping you manifest your desires, your successes. 




But despite the importance of meeting those expectations, unlocking whatever potential for greatness exists within any experience any aspect of your material reality and even any aspect of you is best done, consistently, by following form. 


Give your best effort to follow form in each moment and refine your form as you go based on the evidence, the evidence provided to you by your material reality and your feelings. Giving your best effort to follow form right now, in this moment, is the only thing you can guarantee. You cannot guarantee any results or outcomes. 


Because you're not focused on results and outcomes, following form puts you completely in the present moment. Which is the only place where you are alive. It is the only place where you can do anything. The present moment is where you manifest your material reality. 


And it is the only place where you manifest yourself. The time space event you are manifesting called you. And the present moment is the only place you can give your best effort to be what you desire. 


Following form serves at least four very important purposes for an intentional manifestor. First, it gives you an internal litmus test for whether or not you're giving your best efforts to manifest your desires. 




Based on public facing results, everyone can see whether or not you're being successful and, of course, you can see that too. Based on all the curveballs life throws at you, it's important to have a reliable way of self evaluation, other than the unambiguous feedback of, “Did I manifest it or not?”


When your material reality isn't going well for you, it's kinder to ask, “Am I giving my best effort to follow form right now?” And that question isn't just kinder, it's also a legitimate tool that will put you right back into quantum paradigms again. 


When your answer to whether or not you're giving your best effort to follow form right now is no, start following form. And when your answer is yes, you know you're already doing all you can and you don't need to beat yourself up for the results of your efforts. 


Instead of beating yourself up in those conditions or saying here we go again, another failure. Commit to revising, improving, and expanding your form as soon as you can. 


Form is your private, internal measuring tool. Second, form assigns jobs to your whole self. Every aspect of you has a job, to sustain and maintain your form. On one hand, this is great because it optimizes your manifesting. 


When everyone is invited to the party, you're going to have a rocking party. And on the other hand, this is great because it helps you easily identify where more effort is needed. 




Some parts of you sitting around doing nothing? Reenlist them and get them back in the game. 


Third, form illuminates where support is needed. Giving your best effort is all you'll ever be able to do. You will never be able to guarantee an outcome, you can only guarantee that your best effort is being given. 


So how do you know you're giving your best effort, that you're doing all you can? And how can you tell when you really do need to give more effort, when you need to do more? 


For example, let's say you're falling behind at school. Are you following the form of a successful student? What supports are missing? Studying 1 hour per week for each subject is one of the best practices of successful students. Are you doing that? If not, get started following form. 


And fourth, form takes the pressure off. When you really want to manifest success, when you need to manifest something better, it's perfectly natural to be fixated on those outcomes. 


Yet outcomes are public facing. So as important as they are, it's easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself to perform. And that leads to anxiety and burnout. 


Focusing on your efforts to follow form, rather than the results of those efforts, always keeps you in the moment and doing your best. Which is a sure way to manifest whatever greatness is possible and keep you focused on two things over which you have complete control: your form and your effort. 




And now, today's Quantum Tip. A brief, yet powerful takeaway that you can put to use right now. 


When I run, I sometimes find myself agonizing over the hill I just ran or sometimes dreading an upcoming hill. When that happens, I remind myself that the terrain I'm on is challenging enough. It doesn't need any extra. 


In fact, it needs my full attention and focus if I want to manifest the material reality I truly desire. Be where you are. Run the hill you're on, not the one just passed, or the one yet to arrive. 


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I don't ever take your time for granted. I know how valuable it is. Thank you for inviting me to spend this time with you. I look forward to spending some time together again real soon.