Let Greg Kuhn, the Law of Attraction Science Guy, Teach You How to Hack Material Reality
March 14, 2022

Do You Want a Blueprint for Scientific Manifesting?

Do You Want a Blueprint for Scientific Manifesting?

Greg Kuhn rolls through his personal history of how he learned how to become a more intentional architect of his material reality. Born from a cauldron of pain and disaster, Greg learned to manifest a new reality with hurricane force. And he didn't stop there.

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Greg’s Abraham HOF thread  


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Greg Kuhn earned the desperation it took to give his life over to quantum paradigms through immense pain. Facing near certain financial ruin and the dissolution of his family, Greg went all in, completely changing his life to conform to quantum paradigms. Once his experiments showed him he could intentionally manifest his material reality differently, Greg became a fervent, life-long student of growing his beliefs into alignment with his desires. He writes and speaks about what works.


Welcome to Manifest The Big Stuff I'm your host Greg Kuhn, author of the life-changing, “Why Quantum Physicists” book series. Manifest The Big Stuff is a weekly manifesting tune-up and check-in.


A brief, powerful reminder to manifest like a scientist by using evidence from your material reality and the feelings it summons to lovingly push yourself to create and sharpen hypotheses for how to best manifest the material reality you truly desire.


Working together empowers all the collaborators on the team, so thank you for joining me in manifesting our most important desires together.




Thanks for joining me today as we continue season 2 of Manifest The Big Stuff. Today I want to connect my past with the present. I want to share how I have come to create and continue to refine a blueprint for manifesting the material reality that I truly desire.


As a consciousness possessing time-space event in 3D time-space you don’t have the option of opting out of manifesting. The only choice you have is whether you will manifest your material reality by default with the beliefs you inherited or whether you will grow your beliefs into greater alignment with your desires and be a more intentional manifester of your reality. 


I got started by reading voraciously about quantum physics. My primary interest in quantum physics were the new paradigm that it gave birth to and how we might apply them more effectively.


See I also had been reading books like Think and Grow Rich. And being rich was a very important desire of mine. As I came to understand all things in the material world were merely different perspectives of the same thing, that we were all connected on an energy level, it seemed obvious to me that employing the power of positive thinking and then taking necessary actions was a can’t miss way to manifest the wealth that I desired.




Not only was I going to use that wealth to help my family I was also looking forward to being generous and helping people.


So I did 2 things. I picked out a business venture that I could do somewhat part-time and that I was basically qualified for. And I devoted myself to a 100% focus on positive thinking.


I meditated on my business venture daily, creating positive imagery, positive feelings, positive perspectives. I journaled about my business on an almost daily basis. Always finding a positive frame for everything that was happening. 


And I was absolutely committed to only speaking about it in positive terms. In fact, each time I had a setback or a failure, some of which really should’ve signaled me to stop or at least change course, I doubled down.


I thought of them as tests. The wealth that I was going to manifest is rare. Most people shrink in the face of such tests from the universe. So to reach that rare air of wealth I doubled down on my positivity and my forward progress.


So when it all came tumbling down it felt like much more than a rug being pulled out from under me. I was going to have 14 foreclosures, I was going to owe over a million dollars, I was going to have to declare bankruptcy. I was going to destroy the life of my family.




The universe was saying, you know what Greg, yes, I could’ve easily manifested the wealth for you. It wouldn’t have hurt anybody else, you did what was necessary for me to do it, I’ve done it for other people but I’m not going to do it for you. But you know what I’m not going to stop there.


I’m also going to blow up your whole life and make you the villain. At my lowest point, if I could’ve volunteered to die a natural death so my family would get the life insurance, I would’ve done it. One good side, however, to being in hell is that I reached a point where I had nothing else to lose.


I had tried every practical solution to this financial disaster and nothing was making a difference, I was headed towards Niagra Falls. So I decided, with nothing left to lose, to go back to quantum physics one more time.


Because science is science and the paradigms of quantum physics are real. In fact, quantum paradigms are much much more accurate descriptors of how the universe really works.


And I also was reading and listening to Ester Hicks and Abraham. Ester Hicks and Abraham gave me the idea that changing my beliefs may be more important than giving myself positive affirmations. So I used quantum paradigms and what I was learning from Ester and Abraham to create a 2 pronged approach to manifesting the money that I not only desired, I needed to avoid exploding my entire life.




The first thing I did was create an emotional reference chart. A hierarchy of emotions with the most painful ones on the bottom and the most joyful ones at the top.


I got the idea from Ester Hicks and Abraham and they inspired me to write an emotional reference chart for myself. And actually, I have a copy for you on my website, go to whyquantumphysicists.com and download your free copy of my emotional reference chart that I still use to this day.


I journaled about my true feelings about money and at that time they were at the very bottom of the emotional reference chart. And then I journaled about money from the perspective of the next highest emotion on that emotional reference chart.


And I also focused on that perspective as I lived my life during the day. What I discovered is that this process grew my beliefs because it’s very much like a father lovingly holding the hand of his child as they cross the street together.


There is safety, reliability, predictability to this process. The second thing that I did was start to celebrate every small step closer to manifesting money as I truly desired.




Not as a panacea, but by recognizing that I had taken a step forward. I decided to celebrate the energy of financial success and utilize that principle that I cannot manifest 2 dollars without having manifested 1. 


And from this became my penny experiment. I’ll put a link to my penny experiment YouTube video in the show notes on my website (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5ebJB63CKc).


Manifesting pennies became my favorite way to practice this. And when I manifested a penny and picked it up I celebrated it to the heavens. And not because I was one cent wealthier but because that penny was a reminder to me of effortlessly the universe and I can manifest anything if I believe it.


Still to this day I love to manifest pennies. When I pick one up I privately and joyfully shout, thank you for this energetic goose to remind me that abundance is everywhere.


That energy often has me walking on a cloud for quite a while after. What I was doing began to work. I began to manifest a different material reality with money. As I gained confidence and doubled my commitment to what I was doing I began to manifest with the power of a hurricane. You can actually read about that time in my life in real-time.




Because I started a thread on an Abraham Hicks forum called the Abe Forum where I posted on an almost daily basis about what I was doing riding my way up my emotional reference chart and celebrating money in the way I just described.


The thread grew to 22 pages long and it's now in the Abe Forum’s thread Hall of Fame. I’ll put a link to that thread in the show notes along with the link to my penny experiment YouTube video.


That thread is not only thrilling to read for me still today but I can see that really got me started down this path of sharing this information with you. Manifesting with hurricane power cane from focus, total focus on who I really was, how I really felt, what I was really capable of, and learning from that as I slowly wrote and lived myself into new emotional perspectives with money.


I focus on feeling my feelings, not on using positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are not supported by quantum paradigms. In the traditional sense, a positive affirmation is a manufactured feeling.


By default, a positive affirmation can not be how you really feel about something in the moment because you wouldn’t be using a positive affirmation if you felt that way. A positive affirmation during a shitty experience is like putting on an emotional superhero suit where it looks like you have all those muscles.




That would be great if feelings manifested your reality. Feelings however are only feedback. Your reality and your feelings, they are evidence of how out or in alignment your beliefs are with your desires.

So traditional positive affirmations during shitty experiences, that’s like taping photos of cash over my entire bathroom mirror, just leaving one little space for my head and then saying I’m rich.


Positive affirmations are good for 2 things: they make you feel good, and there’s nothing wrong with feeling good, and they can get you back on track. If there’s an area of your life where you’re normally manifesting a reality much closer to your desires but you’ve fallen off track, a positive affirmation can get you back up there.


Just remember, feeling good doesn’t change your beliefs and you can’t get back on a track that you haven’t already been on. What I was doing worked so well that by 2008 I manifested all my desires regarding money. I didn’t have a single foreclosure, I never declared bankruptcy, and all my debt was gone from using the process that I had created. 


And not only that, my life was stabilizing. Money problems were becoming largely a thing of the past. I was also manifesting a much more fulfilling experience of fatherhood. And my relationships were becoming more successful and more rewarding, more in line with how I truly desired them.




This is the point that I realized that I needed to write about what I was doing. How I was applying these quantum paradigms to my life and the success it was allowing. 


If you haven’t read my Why Quantum Physicists book series, it is truly life-changing and I cannot recommend every book in that series to you highly enough.


My 7 books, this podcast, and anything you hear from me in the future is never hypothetical. If I write it, if I speak it, if I share it I’m doing it and it works.


Read my books to not only learn the instructions for scientifically manifesting the material reality you desire but also to gain a context for all of the ways you’ll do that by framing it all within quantum paradigms.


Admittedly, the level of focus that my original pain created has been difficult to match since. The truth is I’d rather not encounter that type of pain today. But I have continued to practice everything that you read about in my books and in fact, I have continued to refine those techniques, adding to them, making them more powerful, and I have continued to manifest my desires as my desires have grown.


I have intentionally manifested an incredibly successful career. It is immensely rewarding to have the opportunity to be of value to good people. 




And I have intentionally and joyfully manifested an increasing array of opportunities to do that professionally. I have manifested phenomenal health. At age 55 I just had a biometric screening and by every metric, I am healthier than I have ever been.


I have manifested a soulmate, an amazingly talented woman who inspires me daily with her work ethic, her courage, and her can-do attitude. And I have manifested deeply fulfilling relationships with my sons and family. As well as with accomplished, talented, and hard-working friends and collaborators.


Wealth, health, love, the big stuff and I am still going. I am still letting my material reality and my feelings teach me. I am still exploring a clearer focus on using my reality and my feelings as empirical data, as evidence from which to build hypotheses for how to best manifest the reality I truly desire.


I’m in the process now of writing my next book. It’s time for another chapter in the Why Quantum Physicists book series. My aim is to make these techniques even more accessible because we are among the first humans to be intentionally crafting our lives and our practices around quantum paradigms. 




Use my 7 books currently in publication and this podcast to grow with me as a conscious creator. And know that much more is coming. More books and also courses, forums, coaching, discussions, events. I want you to powerfully manifest the big stuff in your reality so we can learn from each other. So that we can grow our beliefs into even greater alignment with our desires together. 


And now my quantum tip. A quick powerful takeaway that you can employ in your life right now.


After something happens, it’s natural and easy to connect its antecedence to it. To say that that’s what caused it, even to say that’s the way it was always going to happen. Just make sure you don’t use the past to predict your future. 


Your past is nothing more than an illumination of where and how you have been expending your energy in your life and what the results have been. The past in no way, shape, or form defines who you are or your future.


Thank you very much for joining me today. This was a very personal episode of Manifest the Big Stuff. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to share it with you.


Please visit my website, whyquantumphysicists.com. Download your free copy of my original emotional reference chart, the one I still use today. And also in my show notes for this episode, click the link and watch my famous penny experiment YouTube video. And read my Abe forum hall of fame thread that captures the magic of those early days of my hurricane force manifesting. 


I don’t take your time for granted. I’m appreciative when you share it with me and I look forward to spending some time again together real soon.