Let Greg Kuhn, the Law of Attraction Science Guy, Teach You How to Hack Material Reality
Aug. 11, 2022

We're Never Finished (Hopefully)

We're Never Finished (Hopefully)

I’m manifesting some parts of my material reality at super-high levels

Health, wealth, love, my self - the big stuff


It's All About Context


But, and this is important, I’m manifesting them at high levels in comparison to where I started

And in comparison to how I used to manifest them 

As I manifest my desires, you see, my desires grow

So, in practice and in principle, I am still not manifesting my desires as I truly want to 

Because my desires are always growing out of my reach

I've Got More Road Ahead - Thankfully!


This is not defeatism

It’s glorious!

If my material reality was always a match with my desires, I wouldn’t be growing

And I’m always capable of growing into a greater version of myself!

Here's to Never Finishing!


My material reality is usually fulfilling and satisfying

I’m usually happy with it

But I’ve yet to reach a point of “I finally did it!  I’m done!”

Thank goodness!

I’ll bet you’re built the same way